Transitional Placement

 Nonprofit Return-to-Work Program

Windham Group’s nonprofit return-to-work program enables injured employees with a transitional duty work release to re-enter the workforce and become productive members of society. Our program targets employers who are unable to provide transitional duty work options for their injured workers that have been cleared by a health care provider to return to work. Our nonprofit work program provides a stepping stone to beneficial employment for an injured worker while they recuperate from a work injury.

Our team of vocational professionals locate suitable nonprofit and government organizations that are in the same geographic area where the injured worker lives and coordinates an employment opportunity. We obtain a copy of the injured worker’s activity restrictions from their health care provider and review them with the nonprofit organization to develop a temporary employment option.

The injured worker is paid by their employer for the hours they work at the nonprofit organization. The primary employer’s workers’ compensation policy continues to provide coverage for the injured worker while they work for the nonprofit. Windham’s nonprofit program is a win-win that not only enables an injured worker to remain active while recovering from an injury; it provides a valuable service to nonprofit/government organizations and helps reduce work injury claim costs.

Depending on the type of injury and the physical restrictions, participating employees can perform a broad range of duties, from simple administrative tasks to light cleaning and sorting of donated items.  

Windham Group provides the following services as part of our nonprofit return-to-work program:

    We maintain regular contact with the nonprofit employer and the injured worker to constantly evaluate the injured worker’s status as they transition back to work.

    We coordinate meaningful work options that are within the prescribed activity restrictions from the injured workers’ health care provider.

    We ensure the injured worker and the nonprofit employer are abiding by the prescribed work restrictions.

    We assess the injured workers’ tolerance for the job duties they have with the nonprofit.

    We collect the injured employee’s work hours weekly and submit them to their employer once they have been verified by the nonprofit employer, allowing the injured worker to be paid.

    We assign a specific case coordinator as the primary point of contact for the nonprofit employer and the injured worker the entire time the injured worker is employed in a transitional duty status.

    We restrict injured workers from being involved in certain activities such as handling cash, working with children and similar activities.

    We coordinate the termination of transitional duty with the nonprofit promptly once an injured worker is ready to return to their normal job. This allows the nonprofit employer to anticipate a change in support.

Windham Group’s nonprofit work program provides a versatile return to work program that benefits everyone.

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