Our History



Windham Group began in 1989 and resides in New Hampshire's Merrimack Valley, a place with a unique history in work environment ethics. Ever since the industrial revolution, the plight of the working person has become a central pillar in our country, and we are reminded daily of these issues by our mill yard surroundings. We see the history of our working nation and of our local area as the history of Return to Work, and find purpose in remembering where we've come from.

This is where we work! The Amoskeag mill yard was once the largest cotton textile plant in the world, powered by the mighty Merrimack River. This place was pivotal in redefining human productivity during the industrial revolution. America would not be what it is today without this powerful era, and yet, so many were strained beyond capacity in order to remain employed on small sums of money.

Many of these mills along the Merrimack until recently, lay abandoned.  Our mill is almost as alive and buzzing as it was 150 years ago, however, instead of weaving fabrics and working machines, we are weaving work solutions and working to keep folks productive at their regular job post injury.

We believe that our city, nation, and world, are entering a new era where an attention to work environment sustainability will become increasingly important as technology advances and the role of human ergonomics is brought to the forefront. Our commitment to addressing injury and recovery issues at their core is driven by a heightened awareness of these trends of development and the new measures that will be required in thinking more deeply than our competitors about Return to Work.

Windham Group, Windham Works!

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